Friday, January 11, 2008

Integrity is hard sometimes!

Today I had to do some running around again and part of it was taking my round robin quilt from my good friend and neighbor to my niece. I am not allowed to see it until it is done so it was sealed in a paper bag with threats written in Sharpie! I was good and did not open it but it was tempting! It is the one that started with this insane tree that I made and has since gone to the homes of some 14 other quilters who added one, two or three borders to it while in their possession. It is now with Katie and she is the last person to add borders. Needless to say, I am excited that it is so close to being done!

I picked up a few large crochet hooks at JoAnns to use some rag strips that my grandmother prepared to make a small (mostly) cotton rug. Here is what I got done this afternoon while waiting for the boy at the doctor. I have a fairly large bin of cotton that is in various stages of preparation for braided rugs also. I also got some different snowflake fabric to use for my Winter Four Seasons Quilt Swap project. I wasn't satisfied with the first fabric and didn't really have enough so I got a different one that I hope I will like better for quality and as well for design.


Knitted Gems said...

What a wonderful project! It'll be so much fun to see what everybody else has added to your tree block.

ROZ said...

When I was single (that's 48 years ago) I had a glamorous white coat. I remember after I was married and had two babies, I cut up that coat (and probably some other stuff) and made a braided rug out of it. I never made anything braided again, though.