Monday, January 28, 2008

Post 200

I don't usually pay attention to how many posts I have written but Darlene just posted her 300th post so I happened to check and notice that I was getting close to 200 so that is enough about that!

Recently I shared a picture of a little rug I am crocheting out of rags that my Grandma Otte had all rolled into balls before she died (way back in about 1970). I finished off her two balls of rags but want to make the rug a bit bigger so I went through my scraps for crazy quilt blocks and took the longer pieces and I will sew them together so I can continue crocheting that project. You can see how it looks so far. You can tell about where one ball ended and the next started because the fabrics were different from one to the other but then my fabrics will be different from all of hers also so I think it will be ok. Right now it is about 19" X 29".

I finished cutting out the pieces for four more flower blocks in each of the colors. I think I know what I will be doing for the alternate blocks but I decided I will wait to cut those pieces until I have the flower blocks done. I have put them off to the side for now. If I don't get to them before I will work on them at the quilt retreat but I need to make sure I get squares cut for my niece's quilt for the retreat and I think I will work on a baby carrier for another niece and her husband. She has one carrier that I made but they have three boys so they would like another one for her husband to use and he requested that it be a bit more masculine for him to wear. I found several yards of new striped denim at a thrift store that will be perfect so I will whip that up in the next few days probably.

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