Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My son has been generous with his recent cold and I am now feeling its effects. This does not make me overly ambitious in anything!

On top of that is my latest task of finding body parts for my 'old' car after it got damaged yesterday - don't worry, no one was injured unless you count my husband's pride. He was backing the car after picking it up after servicing and turned to soon and ripped the front bumper off and damaged the driver's front fender and headlight. He decided that since the bumper and fender just bolt on he should be able to replace the parts and then just have the car painted instead of turning it into the insurance company. So my job is to try to find the parts at a junk yard to save some money. So I guess there will be a father/son project going on for a couple of weeks.

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ROZ said...

Sorry about the car. That's a good idea of how to distribute old family photos to relatives. I might try it.