Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting back to normal?

This evening I got the Christmas boxes down from the attic. Time to get things all packed up and put away. Sounds like such work but I know it must be done! I am glad things are starting to settle down again. Larry was back to work today, Jakob will be back to school tomorrow.

The best thing about getting the house back to normal is my new futon covers. I got two because I couldn't decide between the two (and they were on sale). They both look great with the quilt that is usually on the back of the futon and the mini quilt that hangs on the wall. They also bring out the colors of the rug better than the old cover which is starting to look a little worn. Now I need to go fabric shopping for fabric for pillows for the futon and the floor by the fire and also for the seats of the two chairs in the same room.

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Karla said...

post or send a picture of the new futon cover. We took down the tree yesterday because of me leaving but the rest of the stuff will stay up until I get home.