Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting back to sewing

Remember this stack of fabric that my husband 'bought' for me for my birthday? Well, it has been sitting around waiting for me to get back to the sewing room for something other than playing on the computer! Yesterday I finally cut into it and now I have the first block made. I had to run out today for matching thread for top-stitching though before I could get it all put together. I am pretty pleased with the results and am anxious to cut out some more blocks. Half of the flower blocks will use the yellow fabrics and the other half will have blue fabrics - at least that is the plan at this time. The flower blocks will be separated by some nine-patch blocks I think. I could totally change my mind.

I am only allowing myself to get started on this project because I have my Four Seasons Quilt Swap - Winter quilt done and ready to put in a package to mail on Monday! I will probably post a picture then also. It turned out quite well I think!

I also need to get started cutting out scrap pieces for a quilt my sister and I will be making for our niece's wedding gift. We will be working on that at our quilt retreat in about 3 weeks. We will probably also each make another quilt using the same pattern and sharing pieces for that. i am so looking forward to the retreat! I hope I actually manage to accomplish something this time, last time was somewhat disappointing in the volume of finished items for me! I feel a change coming!


Knitted Gems said...

These flower blocks are so pretty! I love the colors your husband bought you [smile].
I'm happy you have more time to dedicate to the sewing room. I was missing all the lovely pictures of your quilts.

VERO said...

Is very beautiful !!! I love it !! Hugs , Vero