Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And they're off!

I finished my Small and Scrappy Swap quilt last night. This swap was designed to use up scraps (though not so many since it is a small quilt). I actually already had the top of this one done before I joined the swap but it was all from my scraps and is actually a charm quilt too. I just knew that with the trip east to be at my daughter's I would never get another little quilt sewn and this one only needed the finishing. I hand quilted it with white in diagonals through the small squares and then did some squares inside the larger pieces using embroidery floss. I like how it turned out. In addition, in this swap we are each supposed to send 50 2" squares from our scraps. So with the completion of this little number, I have 5 little quilts to get in the mail today. It is a good feeling to be done with all of those!

Last night I also made 37 diapers for my niece from the bolt of diaper flannel I picked up at Fabric Depot. Okay, so 'made' might be a little misleading since all I had to do was rip the flannel into 24" sections and then serge along the two raw edges, but there were 37 so it did take a little while! Now I will use them as packing material around some other stuff that needs to be sent her way and then she will have more diapers. But that is a project for tomorrow or Friday as I have other things happening today.

My next project I think will be getting the back put together for my SIL's quilt so I can get that basted and get started on the quilting. That will require a bit of cleaning in my sewing room so I can use the table more fully! Once it is basted I will work on the baby quilt so GD gets it before she is 5!

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ROZ said...

The little quilt is so charming. Glad to learn that someone is still using cloth diapers these days. I always thought that they were better for babies.