Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Projects

Yesterday I got going on the baby quilt again. I determined that regular piecing was faster than paper piecing for this pattern and turns out just as nicely. I continued this morning and got the rest of the balloons done and got the layout figured out. Here is the first section put together. Once the top is together I will do embroider the ropes holding the baskets to the balloons and the baby's name, weight, birthdate, etc. I would love to have the top together today but not sure if that will happen.

My other project for today has been this bed. I have had it for 10 years or so. It was a bed I got when my godmother died. I have memories of playing in the room above the garage and that bed was up there. It has been stored in the attic and garage for all this time waiting for me to have a place in my house to put it. Well, since we took our son's captain's bed to my daughter's house for them to use I can use this one in my computer/guest room. It really needs a paint job so I started the 'fun' job of sanding it today. Under the paint we found these floral decals. There is no way to save them so we will just have to paint over them. I am not sure what color I will paint the bed. Possibly white but it will depend on what paint I can find to use. It is going to look great with several quilts on it!

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