Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Forward into the past?

I was so pleased with getting this year's shop hop blocks done and made into a top that I decided to finish up last year's blocks and maybe get them into a top this summer also. So yesterday and this morning I got to work on them. I got 5 made yesterday and finished off one at craft night that I had started last year (just needed some yo-yo mice and now that I have the yo-yo makers that went quite smoothly). This morning I got three more blocks done and once I finish the applique and English paper piecing on two more I will have 20 blocks done and I can look into putting them together. I have ideas for the sashing but haven't made any decisions yet. That will probably be something I take along tomorrow to my daughter's to work on. You can see all of the blocks here.

Along with those I will bring supplies to work on the various swap quilts that I need to finish and get in the mail. I just need the label on the DQS4 quilt and it can go in the mail and I am handsewing the binding on my FSQS-Summer quilt but it might need a bit more quilting. Then I just need to write on the label and that is ready to go. I am taking the quilts and addresses with me so I can get them in the mail from Pullman. I have ideas for my two July Minis so if I don't hear from my partners before I leave they will just have to be happy with what I make!

Speaking of going to my daughter's - I am getting fairly excited. Just one more week until her due date so we should have that new grandbaby soon. Not only that, I get to spend 2 weeks with my grandson and I get to annoy my son for 2 weeks - that last might just be the best part! We will also be working on getting her basement a bit more organized so that it stays tidier. I will be bringing my camera and my laptop so I will be able to continue posting so keep checking for pix of my grandbabies!


Jacquie said...

What an exciting time for you! Can't wait to see pictures!

ROZ said...

Charmingly nautical