Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Brother and Little Sister

Big Brother
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Here is a picture of the first time he held his baby. It was fine until she waved her little arm around and touched his face. Then he was done. That was a little too much contact! He is very interested in her and calls her 'my baby' but didn't want to hold her again yet.

The little pink cast is covering her IV. She isn't connected anymore now that she is nursing (like a trooper) but they want to keep it in a while because it is easier to keep it in that to try to put in another if needed.

Now that she gets food she is a very sweet little girl. Just cries a little when she wants to change position. Unlike her brother, she loves being swaddled and just lies there quietly looking around at this big new world.

She is so tiny. Her little face is so petite and she has dainty little fingers and toes.

Can't wait for her to be home!


Jacquie said...

Simply precious. Congrats!

ROZ said...

Well, may God bless these two darling children!

LauraJ said...

congratulations grandma!! :D

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

So sweet! Enjoy your family time!