Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still no baby!

Granted the due date is still two days away but there is no movement on that front! They go to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is any progress. If there is none she will probably have a C-section on Thursday. We have gotten a bit of organizing and cleaning done in the basement. Layden's clothes are now in the drawers of the captain's bed and the baby's things are in the dresser - well, as long as it is the expected girl the baby's things are in the dresser, if it is a boy we might have to0 scramble a bit. Chelsea also got the shelves painted that we brought over so there is more space to organize and keep things a bit tidier.

Having a great time with Layden in the meantime - blowing bubbles, reading books, playing Duplos, doing bubble baths, etc. He doesn't slow down except to sleep! One of his favorite pastimes is playing with his trucks and tractors in the dirt of the flower bed (nope, no flowers to speak of). This pastime is what leads to the bubble baths!

I have gotten a little sewing done. I have my Four Seasons Quilt Swap quilt done (just need to write on the label and get pictures taken and it can be mailed), my Doll Quilt Swap 4 done (just needs the writing and the pictures also) and have the top of the first of two mini quilts done - it does involve triangles. I might get that one quilted tomorrow during nap time and then get started on the other mini - I have ideas, just nothing concrete yet. I also have the top for the Small and Scrappy Swap done and need to work on the quilting of that so it will be ready for mailing soon. Unfortunately, the sewing time comes in small bits when that little boy is otherwise entertained!

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Small bits of time DO add up!!! Enjoy your time with your family!!!