Thursday, July 17, 2008

As sand through the hour glass...

It is hard to believe my two weeks here are almost over! It has been chock full of giggles, bubbles, walks, trips to the park, reading books, playing in the dirt and most importantly, bubble baths! It has been so awesome being here with the new baby and getting to know her a little and spending time with the big brother has been a joy. He loves to make you smile and laugh! Not that he isn't a bit of a pill sometimes! Today we head to the doctor for the one week check-up for mom and baby, and there is the never ending laundry to be dealt with along with some house cleaning before I leave. And I will have to get as many cuddles in with both of them as is humanly possible!

I have managed to get my two mini quilts done for July. They just need labels once I get home and then they can go to the post office with the other two finished swap quilts. This morning I basted my Small and Scrappy Swap Quilt so I hope to get it hand quilted soon also so it can get in the mail too! When I get home I will need to work on the baby's quilt so maybe I can bring it next time we come over (I don't think it will be too long though since Pa-Pa hasn't seen the little one yet!).

Tomorrow Jakob takes me up to Post Falls to meet up with my sister and niece for the trip home. Sunday we will be going to our brother's oldest daughter's wedding and delivering her quilt.

Well, time to get in the shower and get ready for the trip to the doctor.

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