Thursday, February 1, 2007

Is denim like rabbits?

I decided it was time to start cutting all my denim into squares for more denim quilts. I thought, "I will go in the attic and get the box of denim I have ready to cut and then I won't have any more denim up there." How silly of me. Why did I think it was safe to put any denim in the attic. I should know that whenever I do, it just starts reproducing like the proverbial rabbits. I discovered I have three more boxes of jeans, shorts, overalls, etc. waiting to be ripped so it will also be ready to cut into squares! I guess I will just have to start ripping that this summer when I can make my mess outside. That will be my start for next winter's denim quilts. And I won't put any more up in the attic! Just too dangerous.

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