Thursday, February 8, 2007

Making Progress

We got home a bit early today so I have been able to work on my sewing room. I went through a couple of boxes of crafting supplies and projects and sorted through. Rediscovered some cool stuff I had forgotten about so I hope to work on some new things and finish some old things once everything is cleaned out. Got some more bins for fabric, supplies and projects and started filling those. Now it is time to fill some boxes with stuff I don't want so it can come out of the room so I can see what is left.

My little boy is enrolled in driver's ed. He starts classes on Monday so we are hoping to get his permit either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday. He won't start driving until he has completed 5 classes and passes the test that day. He is a little nervous but I am sure he will be fine. He was a wicked driver on the 'telephone car' when he was just a year old.

Rebecca posted today on her blog and also called - to check in and to ask for more money on her cell phone! I am not going to complain as long as she keeps calling me!

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