Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Thing of Beauty

Wow! I didn't realize this sewing room was so big! I finally got everything put where it will go at least temporarily and it is great. My sewing table has been uncovered so it can actually be used for projects! There are a couple of extra boxes in the closet right now but some go with me to the quilt retreat, never to return and I have the denim out so I can work on whittling that down a bit so there is some clutter but nothing like it was. Clear plastic bins are so great for fabric in the closet. You can see what is in there so you aren't checking each box. Almost all fabric is undercover to protect it from fading except a few pieces that I need to get into LWR quilts. All in all, it is a beautiful thing.

Our wayward neice came over last evening for a visit and to show off her new car. Maybe she and I will whip something up in the new improved sewing room!?!?!

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