Saturday, February 17, 2007

Making progress

Layden brought his mommy and daddy across the mountains to visit us this weekend. He is so adorable. I even got to baby-sit him last night and maybe again tonight while his parents have some adult time alone!!!!! Contrary to some of his mother's posts, he is a good little boy who does know what no means and he even minds sometimes! He has discovered a new taste treat - buttered popcorn rice cakes. It is something he will actually eat more than one bite of.
Meanwhile, Chelsea has hauled an old quilting project out of my newly cleaned closet and has cut some more pieces and has actually started sewing pieces together! She won't get it finished this weekend but she is making progress. She may just finish a quilt someday...but don't hold your breath! While she did start it while in high school, I have at least 25 years on her for longest lasting project!


Rebecca said...

hey... chelsea and I finished a quilt once together.

Not Lucy said...

you finished it with my help but neither have done a quilt totally on your own.