Wednesday, February 7, 2007

You can walk into the closet now but...

... you will have trouble moving around in the sewing room! I have removed a heaping box of stuff from the room and took it to the church tonight for the daycare and school. I also have a pile for the thrift store and a bunch of trash. Unfortunately I also found two more boxes and a bag of denim! I guess I shouldn't complain since I have yards and yards of fabric for denim quilt backs that I would like to use up to make room for...more fabric! I bought 8 plastic bins to put my stash (fabric, silly!) in but now they are full and I still have more fabric and some other projects that would do nicely in bins. If anyone wants a bunch of cross stitch fabric, plastic canvas and embroidery hoops they should let me know because I have a bunch and I probably will never use any of it. I think I am over my cross stitch phase.

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