Sunday, July 29, 2007

Adding another UFO

I decided that while I had all the 30's reproduction fabrics out for the two baby quilt tops I finished over the last couple of days I would at least cut out the blocks for another one or quilts. It is one or two because I don't know if it will be two small quilts or one bigger one.

Well, as often happens, once the pieces are cut it was hard not to start sewing. I now have half of the squares done and might get the rest done later today. The blocks I am using create a bunch of half square triangles so I might have another leftover quilt to make or I am thinking I might use them for a border for this quilt.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute!!!!!! My children are so blessed to have such a "great" aunt! Too bad you're so far away. I really miss being able to see you occasionally.

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Cute, cute, cute. I saw this pattern on Simply Quilts a few years back. I think Billie Lauder was the designer, is that correct? Love it.

Chelsea said...

So cute you can give the other to my next baby:)

Not Lucy said...

Teresa - Not sure who the designer is. I saw it on flickr and figured it out for myself.
Chelsea - I thought you wanted one made out of that fabric we got at Fabric Depot? AND you don't have another on the way yet!