Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fabric in the mail!

Larry went down to the post office early this morning in case there was a package and guess what! there was one. And it was for me! And it was my fabric from Fabric Depot! So I guess technically I can add another UFO/WIP since some of the fabric was for a specific project - a baby quilt for my niece's third baby coming in September. I got several 30's repro fabrics for that quilt and some fun chicken fabric I will use for a quilt or two someday. I will add a picture or two to this when I can get to my camera. (the son-in-law is sleeping in the sewing room where the camera is hiding!)

Now it is time to head off to the shower so I am ready for a full day of grandbaby!

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Anonymous said...

The fabric is adorable, and while I'm quite excited about the quilt, I'm getting extremely excited about the reason for the quilt! It's a little kicker, for sure! YELN
P. S. I didn't ever the the invite for the family matter blog, but I'm reading it all the time. You have a cute grandbaby.