Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shop Hop 2002

This UFO/WIP is my quilt top made from 2002 Shop Hop blocks. I also threw in a couple of panels that my sister gave me and a few extra blocks that I made.

This was my first shop hop. My nieces, Katie and Brita were along. Brita was too young (according to the rules) to get the official block but received a square of fabric at each shop. At one shop she was also given a fat quarter. That fat quarter was the beginning of her first quilt. At each of the rest of the shops we helped her look for fabrics that would go with it. She had her first queen size quilt done in a few short months! She was just 10. She has now done several more and has learned how to use the long arm at their local quilt shop and has finished several quilts for her mother and others.

I think we went to 16 shops that year. I have 27 blocks in the quilt besides the panels. I put the top together at a quilt retreat and I had it all laid out and then went to breakfast or lunch or something and when I came back I was sure I was short a couple of blocks so I made more and then when I looked at it again I had two too many! Shows what lack of sleep can do to you.


Quilting Pirate said...

very nice! You sure are doing a lot lately!

Not Lucy said...

I am not actually doing a lot. I am just blogging about all I have done in the past and fessing up to not finishing much! You will notice that my UFO/WIP count is rising at an alarming rate!