Friday, July 6, 2007

Round Robin

I often forget that I have this UFO/WIP out there. That is because it is out there. This is the beginning block for my quilt in a round robin. Several of the quilts tops have been returned to their originators all finished but mine and a few others are still waiting for the last few borders. I think 5 people have mine to finish but it is summer and people are busy so I will just have to wait.

This round robin has 16 people in it ranging in age from 14 to 60-something. The projects traveled through Washington, Idaho and Montana and sometimes Alaska. Our 'rules' were that each person made their starting block and then each person would put a border on up to 3 sides.

I am not sure why I thought that making a Christmas tree out of 1" squares was a good idea but that was my brilliant idea. It turned out pretty well I thought and I have heard that mine is quite cool as it nears completion but I cannot verify that at this time. I am sure I will update this UFO/WIP when it is back in my possession.

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