Thursday, July 19, 2007

Made for the In-Laws

This quilt was made in 1992 for my husband's dad and step-mother. This picture isn't too great but it gives the idea. It is a simple 4-patch alternating with a neutral block and set on-point. I hand quilted it diagonally (in relation to the quilt not the squares).

Not sure how I came up with the edge idea but I had to figure something out after I put those squares on point! I used a wide strip of the neutral, folded in half and then sewn along the zig-zag of the edge. I trimmed the strip in the valleys and trimmed the points and clipped the valley and turned the 'binding' to the back and then hand-stitched it to the back. As I recall it goes 1-2" beyond the valleys. I finished the hand-stitching as we were driving to their house in Phoenix for Christmas.

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