Saturday, July 21, 2007


Work has been a bit slow in my sewing room this week. I just can't seem to get the focus. Part of the problems has been distractions and interruptions. The biggest one of those has been our son's wisdom teeth removal on Thursday. He is your average 17 year old who has been enjoying having his mom wait on him, bringing him non-chew foods like milkshakes, egg drop soup and tapioca.

In between the interruptions I have managed to get the UFO/WIP from July 12 quilted and got the binding on yesterday. I hope to finish handsewing the binding today so I can have another finished project!

My latest project is baby carriers as seen here. That's my daughter and grandson modeling the one I made for them. She now has two friends who are expecting and she wants to give them each one. I bought the fabric in the Home Deco section at JoAnn's when it was on sale. I really like their home deco fabrics for projects like this. They have fun coordinating choices that are easy to work with. I bought enough for three carriers and I got them cut out a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I got the straps sewn and turned. Now I need to press them and put the carriers together. Hopefully, that can be off my list today also!

These carriers are very simple to make and simple to use. It is my daughter's favorite which is why she wants to give them to her friends. I am considering making them to sell but not sure if I want to get into that or not.

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susan said...

love your carrier. i just made one for my niece and i did not have fun putting it together, mostly because of my own mistakes. can i ask how you sewed your panels together? i sewed my straps to the one side and then put the two sides together right sides out. which was a bugger to get perfect for me.