Thursday, October 25, 2007

Keeping the feet up

I have been having some problems with my feet and legs recently and the best thing for them beside stretching is staying off of them. This tends to be difficult when you really want to be making quilts! I did get some quilting done by doing the machine quilting sitting down instead of in my usual standing position at the sewing table. They were small quilts so it worked ok. Then doing the hand-sewing on the bindings also keeps me off my feet.

I have now shifted to working on getting my husband's appliance repair business information into the computer so tax time is easier for our accountant. That should take a couple of weeks to get finished and I can do it all on the laptop while seated in my recliner. I know that I need to get that project done so I am not frantically doing it in January, February or March! This year Christmas is here at home and then January will be busy with a visit from our Alaska daughter and getting ready for my little boy to head to New Zealand for a year as an exchange student. So I really want to have everything but December's work done before mid-December so I don't have that hanging over my head too.

I am sure I will do some work on quilting projects, especially the quilt for the grandson's big boy bed. I got the fabric yesterday and it is all prewashed and ironed so I have done a little cutting when I get tired of the computer work. I guess I will have to get my quilting fix by looking at and reading about everybody else's work!

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