Friday, October 19, 2007

Wall quilts done

It is very interesting how a power outage changes our attitudes. We got candles and oil lamps lit and spent time just talking. My son even read to me for a while. I was able to get my hand sewing done before it got dark so the two wall quilts are done and ready to take the the church.

About 11:40 the power came back on and since I was awake because Lucy needed to go out, I got up and turned off all those lights that were left on. I tried, but couldn't sleep so I got up again and surfed the net for an hour or so. So my night was not long enough, especially since my son's alarm didn't go off this morning and I had to take him to school. There were a couple of trees down on power lines on our way. A crew was working on one of those when we went past. The lights flickered again today once but I am hoping that doesn't mean we will lose power again.

Today I did the quilting on one of my crazy quilts for Project Linus and hope to finish off the binding today also. I have 6 more to get quilted and finished off soon and maybe the one baby quilt that needs quilting too. That would feel good to have 8 more items completed in the next couple of weeks!

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