Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Slow progress

I have been a little lax in my posting. I haven't had much to say (well, not much of interest!).

I have been doing computer work for our business and not much sewing though I get a little in each day. This picture shows the progress I have made on my grandson's big boy quilt this past week. The fabric got washed and ironed. I have the big tool blocks cut and bordered and the 9-patch blocks cut (yes, I know I could strip piece 9-patch blocks but I like the results better the old fashioned way). I think my Halloween 'treat' will be giving myself permission to get the 9-patches done today. Who knows, I might even get the whole top done this week.


Anonymous said...

I figured you'd have it done in good time for Christmas :)

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I thought that was a real hammer. No kids came to my door for Halloween this year. I'm going to return the candy to the store.