Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Three more waiting for hand sewing

I got three more crazy quilts quilted yesterday and today and the bindings are on so I need to get my hands busy! I finished the bindings on the last three quilts I got quilted so three more finished products on the list! I have two more to quilt but one needs the batting cut and the other needs a back I believe.

Did I mention I ordered fabric to make a quilt for my grandson's 'big boy bed'? He isn't ready to move into it yet but I want to be ready when he is. I saw a couple of quilts made from this fabric that is covered with tools so I got the name of the company that makes it to see if I could find out where I too could have some of the perfect fabric for my little guy. I checked out the website and I was even able to download the pattern. Now I normally don't buy a pattern and then make a quilt from it using the exact fabrics the pattern calls for because I usually don't like something about the pattern or the fabrics but this one is just perfect except I am making it twin size. The only thing I might change is that I might do a wacky nine-patch instead of the traditional. The fabric is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I am excited about that. My sister figures I will have the top done in the next few days and the quilt will be ready for either his birthday in December or Christmas but we will see.

I am pretty sure I am heading next door for craft night tonight so I will try to get at least one of the bindings done, but I might talk too much to get anything done!

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Knitted Gems said...

What a wonderful pattern! Any little boy would love to have such a quilt on his bed. I think it's going to be a big hit.