Saturday, October 20, 2007

Not what I planned...

...but still ok. I didn't get that binding finished yesterday, but I did get another top quilted and got the binding on. This one was the third bug jar baby quilt top that I have had finished since fall of 2005. One of the three went to my niece's second son and the second went to my first grandson. I made three at once so I would have a baby quilt top made - just in case.

This morning I also got another crazy quilt top quilted and the binding is on. I usually end up with extra binding when I am done with a quilt so, since I always use the same width of binding I just put it in one of my little plastic drawers to be used sometime. Crazy quilts and scrappy quilts are great times to use them so that is what I am using for the binding on as many of the crazy quilts as I can.

I have decided that for the rest of the day I will work on the hand sewing of the bindings to give my feet and legs some time off and I can add three finished products to my tally!

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ROZ said...

I love that crazy quilt. It's just my style!