Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wall Quilt #1 done, #2 quilted

Here is the first of the two wall quilts for the preschool room all finished! I decided to use white as the binding for contrast. I thought black was too boring. I like the effect. All in all I am very pleased with both of them and hope that the daycare director and the kids appreciate them also. As I quilted them I marveled at how well I matched up the outside of the squares with the inside square. As I recall I did it mostly randomly just making sure they didn't clash horribly and contrasted nicely.

The second quilt got quilted today and the binding is on ready for hand stitching during Survivor and CSI tonight. That is, as long as we have power so we can watch TV. The Pacific Northwest is getting a bit of a windstorm today (it has already started blowing) and one never can tell when the power will go out! I love the trees here but the wind blows them down onto power lines and causes problems!

I think while my sewing table is pretty empty I will get some more quilt pinned and quilted to get some more items onto the finished pile! Because of foot problems though I can only get one quilted per day so I am not on my feet too much. Today I am going over to my good friend's house to have a massage that hopefully will help my feet and legs a bunch!

(As I was pushing the publish post button the power started flickering!)

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