Friday, June 20, 2008

Empty Nest

So the shed looks great though when the grandkid comes over we will have to get a few new balls, etc. for him to play with but we can enjoy the tidiness until then.

I got my mini quilt and its near identical twin finished except for a label, I am also going to finish the bonus thrifty mini quilt I made so it is ready to go to whoever it will go to someday. I almost finished quilting it while my oil was getting changed today. I will finish that tonight and maybe get the binding on too and then I will finish the quilting on the doll quilt and start quilting the Four Seasons Swap Quilt. I am getting close to having all of these done!!! Then I really need to buckle down and get the baby quilt done.

I am slightly distracted because it is Western Washington Shop Hop time. I went to my local shop on Wednesday after we took our son out for his last dinner while living at home. Then yesterday after doing a bunch of weed-whacking I decided to go to the rest of the shops over here on the peninsula. So I did 7 more. I have two blocks made so far. The plan was to spend Sunday with a couple of internet quilty friends who live in the area going to some more shops but one has had to beg off due to a very bad shoulder - I hope she gets better. I still have one person to go with and I am sure we will have fun. Not sure how many shops we will be able to hit but we will do our best!

The husband and I were having our chicken noodle soup and strawberries out on the deck - yes, the weather has finally warmed up appropriately for the first day of summer - when we heard a bit of a ruckus next door. It wasn't the neighbors, it was two crows fussing at a BALD EAGLE on the roof. Yes, right there on the roof! I think it was scoping out the neighbors chickens that were running loose in the front yard. Wish I had time for a picture but the whole thing literally only lasted a few seconds. I was glad when we saw the chickens over there or I might have thought he/she was scoping out Miss Lucy!

It is official now, we are empty-nesters. The boy moved out yesterday, heading for his sister's house where he will live during his first year over at WSU. He will spend a few weeks getting the hang of caring for his little nephew so that when the baby comes he will be able to handle being in charge of the little guy. I will head out as soon as there is news of something happening but I might not get there before they need to head to the hospital and she wants me to be at the hospital when the baby comes so someone needs to stay with the boy!


ktdodat said...

I heard from someone who had her baby a couple weeks ago (all natural, her husband's voice was her medicine) that having her mother rub her feet during labor was the best thing they put on their birth plan. Evidently took most of the pain away... You should practice up on the foot rubbing.

ROZ said...

I like the traditional quilt blocks, and I'm really crazy about the yo-yo flowers with ric-rac!