Monday, June 23, 2008

Shop Hop 2008

Here are three more of my shop hop blocks that I got on Thursday. I had all 8 finished by Saturday night. This first block is paper pieced and came from Harbor Quilts in Gig Harbor. They forgot to give information on what colors to put where so I had to just guess at what I sort of remembered from my stop at the store. The second block was from Heirloom Quilts in Poulsbo. It was supposed to have a black sailboat appliqued in the center block but I didn't like their sailboat so I paper pieced one I found on the net. I know, I used to say I didn't like paper piecing but after forcing myself to practice it I am starting to like it.

Finally, the third block is from Esther's Fabrics on Bainbridge Island. I am not totally satisfied with this block, it was supposed to have a 10 appliqued in the center block (in tan) to commemorate the 10th shop hop. That doesn't thrill me so I add a flower out of pink and tan.

Unfortunately, neither of my internet quilty friends could make it on Sunday for some shop hopping so I got in touch with Katie, my niece. She was up for the hop and we managed to hit 10 more stores before closing at 5 yesterday. I sorted them out last night in the order I will probably put them together. I usually start with the easiest and most straight forward patterns and move to paper-piecing and applique and then finish off with those blocks that they either didn't give you much to work with or that are just hideous or not worth the effort as they designed them to be done. There were two of the last ones. One has a very involved applique design of an ugly cat in a boat with bolts of fabric. The cat is just hideous! I will probably do some sort of boat on it but who knows! The other is supposed to have a Japanese temple and gate on it with added beads and coins. This would require fusing to do the applique which is not something I like the results from so again I will do something else. Finally one was supposed to be a paper pieced crazy quilt block. I don't believe in paper piecing a crazy quilt block - somehow, crazy and paper-piecing don't seem to go together. I will make a crazy quit block but it will use leftover pieces from all the other blocks!

This morning I plan to spend awhile outside and then I need to clean up the kitchen and do some desk work and then I will work on yesterday's blocks. While we were shop hopping I saw some really great fabric I could use for framing the blocks (a great dark brown and black print) and for sashing (a nice teal and tan print) so I might have to go do a little shopping this week.

Last night I got the quilting finished on my Doll Quilt Swap quiltlet. I think the binding is just going to be folded over from the back so I just need to trim that down and I can get it finished up soon. I also need to get a label on my mini quilt so it can get in the mail tomorrow maybe. Then, my last remaining outstanding swap item is the Four Seasons Quilt Swap and I will get started on the quilting once I finish the other hand work.

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