Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Secret is Out!

Today I am able to reveal the secret projects I have been working on for several weeks. Graduation quilts for my son and one of his friends. She is the oldest child of one of my best friends and she considers me one of her three mom's. The two also got quilts from our church for graduation but it is my practice to make a quilt for each of my kids as they graduate from high school so I decided to make Jakob his t-shirt quilt as a full size since he will have a full size bed when he lives with his sister this next year for college.

Then I suggested to my friend I could make one for her daughter also if she could get a hold of some of her t-shirts for me. She did and you see the results. I am thinking you can tell which one is Jakob's and which is Brittany's.

We also had a party here at our house for the two of them. It was lots of fun and at least there was no rain and the sun did show up briefly. Larry had his garage nicely cleaned out and brought a TV out there so they hooked up a Play Station and we played Guitar Hero. Let us just say that I will never make it in a rock band!!!!

After everyone was gone our two families had a simple BBQ dinner and now my house is mostly back to normal other than dishes that need washing. But that is a job for another day!


Jacquie said...

Amazing and full of great memories for them I'm sure!

Marie said...

These quilts turned out great! What an excellent graduation present.

ROZ said...

love the quilts. I made a t-shirt quilt once, and will do again, when I get enough t-shirts.