Friday, June 27, 2008

Three more done

Here are some more of my shop hop blocks. This first one is from Undercover Quilts in Seattle. I didn't go to the shop but Tanaya did. She was one of those who were planning to go with me on Sunday but couldn't, so she sent me the two blocks she got from shops close to home and work. I like this block and its one I would actually do again.

This second one is from The Quilting Cottage in Rochester WA. It was paper pieced and they actually gave you the patterns printed out for all four sections. It was a downloaded pattern from which is a great resource for free patterns.

This block is from The Quilting Loft in Seattle and is the second one from Tanaya. It is really very simple to make and doesn't look like much on its own but I think it could make a great quilt, especially scrappy.

Doesn't seem like much has been accomplished since my last post but I have had lots going on around here. I am hoping to get the rest of the shop hop blocks done this weekend so I can set them aside to get some other things finished. Like a certain baby quilt. We have decided that we will head over there for the 4th and I will stay there until the 18th when I can hitch a ride with my sister back home. My darling son's comment to his sister was, "Have you done the math? She is going to be here for 2 weeks!" Gotta love the boy!

1 comment:

I AM said...

You are just absolutely on fire with these blocks.

I would never have been able to churn them out like this. Good job!

(p.s. do you know that Undercover wanted $2 for the black squares to add to that kit? CRAZY!)