Sunday, June 15, 2008


I had an awesome time with my little grandson this week. He finally is saying my name but with his own unique emphasis. Many of his words have a particular pronunciation, hand gesture or facial expression that goes with them and Grammy is no exception! He is a busy little guy, that is for sure! He seemed to be happy spending most of his time with me while I was there so I didn't get any actual sewing done. Chelsea was working on organizing her office/sewing space so we did talk sewing some and she gave me some little pieces of fabric that I have laid out in a possible pattern to use for Doll Quilt Swap 4 which I need to get started on soon. Not sure if I like this well enough to go with it or if I want to maybe rearrange and try something else. Right now it is laid out on my ironing board so I need to decide soon so I can work on other things.

When I arrived home a package was waiting for me that contained my Spring Fling Round Robin Quilt. It is so cute in person but just is not very photogenic! As I watched its progress on the SFRR blog I was not too impressed with it because somehow the colors just don't play well together in a picture yet in person it is lovely. Thank you to Kathy, Laura, Nancy and Tami for the beautiful work they did on this project. Also, thank you to Margaret for being the one in charge of this round robin - not an easy task!

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