Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blocks together

Here it is!
Yesterday I made up the last four blocks and this morning laid it out and put the blocks into rows. I have also basted the rows together so it will be easier to take to the store to look for border fabric! I am really excited about this one!

I do plan to get the second cushion done today. I think they will need a bit of batting around the foam to make a nicer cushion but that will be my friend's decision. It will be nice to have those out of my house! I still have some pillows to make for her but that will wait a bit. My son and his girlfriend will be coming on Saturday for spring break and my daughter and SIL are allowing me to have my two grandkids for the week also. It will be very crazy at my house and I am pretty sure that no sewing will get done but so worth it!

I need to get outside and work on the pruning but would you believe it, winter has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest! It snowed yesterday and this morning it is quite frosty with the possibility of more snow this afternoon. The good news is that it shouldn't stick or if it does it won't last very long.


Crystal Hendrix said...

That is very pretty! :D

Not Lucy said...

Thanks Crystal!

Lynn E said...

This is a wonderful top! Can't wait to see what you do for the borders.