Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catching up

Last week was a wash sewing wise but I made up for it by spending the week playing with my grandkids! I have had my grandson here with me several times by himself but this was his little sister's first time without a parent. She is 20 months old and was amazing! They are both very full of energy and very sweet. I knew I wouldn't get anything done all week and I was right! Well, mostly right, I did get some yard work done since they love to be outside.

I got back into the sewing room a little yesterday and today and hope to do a lot more in the next couple of days. I got one block done for one of my round robins and hope to get it in the mail this week. I am also planning out the blocks for a couple from the other round robin and need to get 6 blocks done for this month's quilt block exchange. I needed some white kona for a couple of the blocks so I stopped at a couple of fabric stores this morning on the way home from the airport. The first didn't have the white kona but I did find a print that I think will be great for the borders of the Lady of the Lake quilt. Once I get all the blocks done for the various swaps/round robins I plan to get that top finished.

I have been very busy around here and I have taken advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having here in Western Washington (today it is close to 70!) and I cleaned up a couple of flower beds and finally finished pruning the apple trees! I still am not sure if I am pruning them right but at least it is keeping them under control a bit!

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