Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lookie! Lookie!

I got the second cushion done and brought them to my friend's house. She is coming home from Hawaii tonight so I am surprising her - the kids aren't supposed to tell her. I have more of this fabric and two others to make some pillows so that will be happening soon so that is out of my sewing room but maybe not this week.


brittany said...

COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left right when you got all of the materials, and now it is done! I like it! Are you making the pillows, too?

Not Lucy said...

Yep! I hope to get the pillows done by the end of the month. Tomorrow I will be driving over to meet Chelsea in Ellensburg and I will have the kids for a week and Jakob is supposed to be around part of the week with Peia.