Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I really did plan to work on the cushions today but first I noticed that it was pretty nice outside and those apple trees aren't pruning themselves so I went out for 'an hour' to work on those. Shortly after I got out there my neighbor drove over on his tractor (man, I want me a tractor!) and tilled up along the fence where I cut the sod last June! It looks just beautiful and was so tempting but I went back to the tree. I am not sure how long I pruned but I am nearly done with the biggest tree so it will see easy after this!

So I came in and had a bite to eat and rested and then finally got myself motivated to head to the sewing room. I got started cutting the fabric and was going to start sewing when I realized I hadn't thought about thread so I need to run into town to get some later on.

So, I pulled out my Lady of the Lake blocks and got 9 more made so I now have 27 of the 56 blocks done! I would love to get this project on the finished pile so I will work on the blocks so that happens!

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