Saturday, March 27, 2010

Didn't get to the post office

but, I did get some more blocks done. They are all for the Quilt Block Exchange over on Flickr. By the way, if any of you are interested sign-ups for April are open now.

First I did two for Mary. She asked for blocks to be made into preemie quilts for her local hospital. These are both 15.5" blocks. The first I am very pleased with and I am thinking I will make a baby quilt with this as the inspiration. I have a lot of the border fabric so I think I will make 12 boat blocks of various designs and frame them with the print and then put them together somehow. That is as far as I have gotten with the idea but it won't happen for quite a while what with all the other projects in the works.

This second one used up most of two Noah's Ark prints that I used for a baby quilt a long time ago.

These next four blocks are for Wendy and Raesha. They made it easy for me since they both wanted 12.5" red, white and blue blocks and one asked specifically for stars. I really like these first two and someday I am going to make a quilt using blocks like these. Not sure if all the blocks will have the same background or if they will be a variety of colors. Again, that will be down the road a ways!

The weather is lovely again today so I need to head out and do some work out there but I hope to have enough energy when I am done out there to get to work on the Lady of the Lake top now that I have some border fabric. I also need to get all of the blocks I have finished into packages and have them ready to go to the post office on Monday!

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