Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dare to be Square

What a crazy week we had! First the snow and power outage. Then the company came. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our daughter, Chelsea, and SIL and two grandkids and our niece. Lots of food and fun.

Chelsea and SIL were in Portland for a few days before coming up here and spent a day at Powell's. One of the books she got was this new quilting book.

She brought it in for me to see and I fell in love with several of the quilts in this book. So while the kids were otherwise entertained I got pieces cut out for three of them for Christmas gifts. One for each of the grandkids and one for someone else whose name I cannot mention here. Chelsea wanted to take her book home with her so I promptly got one on order from Amazon and it should arrive tomorrow so I can get started with the sewing.

Yesterday after the kids left, Hubby, my niece and I went and did some shopping. I even got some Christmas gifts taken care of or at least have a plan now.

Today I got two quilts sandwiched and pin basted so I can get them both quilted tomorrow. I also have the bindings ready to go so I will should have at least one done by tomorrow night. With those two and the 3 I cut out from my new book I think I have 6 of my own quilts to finish before Christmas and then I should have two to quilt for someone else. I need to get busy!!!!!!!

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