Saturday, November 20, 2010

I finished this quilt top the other day.It is from a pattern called Triangle Maze by Debbie of Esch House Quilts. I saw the pattern and thought it would be great for the HSTs I got from my friend.

I came up with a plan for the fabrics in my last post. I saw a quilt hanging at Fabric Depot on one of my recent shopping trips and drew up the pattern with plans to use it for some fabrics I had that needed a pattern. (I still haven't gotten to those fabrics yet!) I thought of that design the other night and pulled it out and I think it is going to be pretty great! I have all the pieces cut ready to sew.

My son and his girlfriend are arriving today and leaving tomorrow for Hawaii so the sewing room will be a guest room and more company arrives on Wednesday. I can bring my sewing machine and ironing board out in the great room next week and work on the pink quilt and also on my friend Linnea's quilt. On Monday I also have a quilter coming over who would like to have a couple of quilts quilted for her. I might as well make that machine help pay for itself!

Yesterday I pulled out my 'triangle drawer'. I pressed and trimmed all the triangles that were already sewn and sewed up some that were matched up already. I was able to make quite a few broken dishes blocks for the next triangle quilt. After the holidays I will get to work on matching up some more of those triangles and clean out the drawer completely! As I was sewing, pressing and trimming I was thinking about how I will put this triangle quilt together. I am hoping to do something a little different but we will see how that goes.

Today I have a house to vacuum and tidy, a sewing room to turn into a guest room and a Pikachu birthday cake to make and decorate!

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ROZ said...

A triangle drawer! Something I should get organized--even a rectangle drawer whould be an improvement