Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think our internet is finally doing okay. I like to think I can live without it but OMG it drives me nuts when I can't get online and do what I need to do! It was most frustrating when I needed it for the business!

I did get the Bento Box quilt binding done so now it just needs a label.

Unfortunately it didn't help me get more done in the sewing room! This morning I finally got to finish off this bag. I am loving this one.
I used the contrasting green zippers and they are so cute! It is hard to send it off to its new owner but then again, I really don't need another bag!

Once the bag was done it was so hard to not work on the triangles quilt but I hadn't received all the coordinating fabrics! I was distracted by lunch with a friend. She just has a 1/2 hour lunch at the local elementary school so I stopped at Panda Express and brought lunch there. She and I have known each other since our oldest were in preschool and we reconnected when they were in junior high marching band together. Her two boys are the same age as my two girls and we alway said it would be awesome if they would get married so we could be co-mothers-in-law. That was not meant to be so we will just have to be satisfied with the occasional lunch!

When Hubby came home he picked up the mail down at the road and brought the last piece of fabric so after dinner I made the last 4 HSTs and got these blocks together. I thought I had it ready to put together until I looked at it on the computer and could see that the red was all at one end so I will relay it out and get the top together tomorrow.
My next project will involve these fabrics.
I want to make a wall hanging/table topper or maybe a lap quilt using these fabrics. I just need a plan!! Any ideas? This will be a thank you gift to my son's girlfriend's mother. The girlfriend is from South Korea and her mom made a beautiful pottery wind chime and sent it to me so I want to make a quilt for her.

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