Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top Done!

I had hoped to finish the blocks yesterday but that pumpkin project took more time and energy than expected. I think I got 16 cups of pumpkin to put in the freezer for future use and I used 2 cups to make some delicious pumpkin bread. I think I will be using most of that frozen pumpkin for bread because it is awesome! There was just a little leftover pumpkin that didn't fit in a container or in the bread so I figured I would eat it - you know, it is squash after all. I took a little taste and it was so sweet I didn't add anything and finished that little bit off. I was tempted to take one of those 2 cup containers out of the freezer!

I did get another step or two finished on the quilt blocks but didn't finish them up so this morning I headed into the sewing room and got to work. I had the blocks done by lunch and this afternoon I got them together and added the border and here it is!
Tomorrow I will head to the fabric stores to find a good backing fabric. I don't think I have anything that will work and I don't want to use all the Kona solids up that I used in the quilt for the back. I think I will head up to Port Gamble to check out Quilted Strait. They moved up there this past year and I haven't had a chance to visit the new store.

I few days ago I found this quilt on flickr and I found the pattern and thought this would be a great quilt to make using some of my infamous triangles. This morning as I thought about it more I remembered a batch of triangles I got from a friend at the quilt retreat and thought it would be a great pattern to use for those. The triangles were all from one fabric line so I emailed my friend to get the name of the line. It is Odyssea from Moda so I went online and found some more fabrics from the line and since it is an older line I was able to get it on sale. Once those come I will be hard pressed to work on something else instead of that. But I do have other projects that need to get finished first so I hope I can be good!

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