Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little snow, a little wind, a little sewing

Mother nature has sent a little monkey wrench into our plans for this week. We were getting a bit of snow on Sunday afternoon and when we got home from the airport it was starting to stick. In the morning we had maybe an inch of snow but it was snowing and continued to snow all day with the temps never going above freezing. Our power went out briefly and then for good at about 6 last night. We lit oil lamps and candles and enjoyed the gas fireplace before heading to bed with extra warm jammies. This morning the power was still out so hubby got the generator going and got more gas and propane to keep things warm. We were also without phone and internet for at least part of the day. Not sure how the week will progress and when power will come back but we should be okay and we may just postpone Thanksgiving a day or so! I went out and took a few pictures yesterday and found my Gerbera Daisy valiantly blooming in spite of the cold! Today all the plants on the deck are frozen.

I did get some sewing done yesterday and today (love the generator!) I managed to get this top finished for my son's girlfriend's mother in Korea.
I need to have it done by Christmas time so Peia can take it to her mom. This is such an easy pattern and very quick.

I also got the top of the quilt for my friend Linnea done. It is turning out pretty good but I can't show pictures until the reveal on January 4 so be patient. Needless to say, the lady didn't bring over her quilts for me to quilt yesterday. We have rescheduled for next week sometime. I will have quite a bit of quilting to get done before Christmas but I am looking forward to it.

Just want to end with these pictures from our yard. Remember, it snowed all day yesterday and then the wind started up. It managed to knock most of the rest of the leaves off the chestnut tree. One nice thing is that it blew them outside of the yard because the wind was from the north. The funny thing is that all the leaves ended up standing up out in the snow, like little soldiers! Very funny!

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