Monday, November 22, 2010

The weekend

I didn't do much sewing over the weekend but it was a busy time! While I cleaned house on Saturday, my sister was hosting the reveal for one of the round robins I have been involved in this past year. She emailed pictures to those of us who couldn't be there. Here are my blocks:We each sent a 'center' piece to be used in our blocks and then requested the colors/style for the blocks. Some included extra fabrics to be used and some said the 'center' piece could be used anywhere in the block. I asked for batik houses made using whatever method the person wanted with the yellow fabric I sent as at least one window. My sister, who was in charge, has put my blocks in the mail so I should have them in a few days and will post close-up pictures of the individual blocks to show the detail. You can see pictures of the rest of the block sets here. Most of us will be starting another round robin shortly. Two are heading off to college next year so are opting out for the next round.

Our son and his girlfriend arrived safely and following a special birthday dinner of jap chae to help Peia feel a little less homesick for her family in Korea, we presented her with her quilt.She really liked it and appreciated our efforts. A little later we shared her Pikachu birthday cake and played some Wii.

Yesterday afternoon we dropped those two off at the airport during a snow shower so they could head to Hawaii and enjoy some warmth! We will miss them on Thanksgiving but look forward to hearing about their trip when we pick them up again on Friday. Our oldest daughter and family arrive on Wednesday so for the next two days I plan to get some sewing done before the big push to get a Thanksgiving meal cooked!

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