Sunday, February 17, 2008

Almost back online

I had a great time at my retreat. The trip over was fine. A little snow as I crossed the pass but it didn't slow me down at all. At camp there was quite a bit of snow when I arrived but the weather warmed and lots melted except of course in the treacherous parking lot.

There were only 13 of us this time which was quite fun. We all managed to get a lot done. Unfortunately, all the batteries I had for my camera were dead so no pictures of everyone else's stuff but I will take pictures of what I got done.

One of the best parts of my trip was the evening spent with my little grandson last Wednesday and another night with him tonight.

Tomorrow morning I will do the cross state trip, get some laundry done and get things put away. I also need to look at getting my sewing machine in for a good cleaning. It was sounding very tired as I was sewing the last few seams. I was a little worried that it would give up the ghost on the retreat and this was the first time in several years that I didn't bring a second machine!

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