Saturday, February 2, 2008

New stuff!

The drive to Portland and points east was grueling but well worth it! I got to go to Fabric Depot, I got to see my grandson (and yes, he is still the cutest thing! and yes, I did see his parents and other set of grandparents too) and when I got home this was waiting for me! Isn't it just awesome? It is one I was drooling (not literally folks!) over in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap Flickr photostream and IT CAME TO MY HOUSE!!!

My shopping at FD was successful. I got these great pieces for my SIL for whom I have promised a quilt. It will be a Victorian sort of deal with sort of Ohio stars in it. I hope she likes the fabrics I have chosen and the pattern too! I hope to have it cut out before my retreat so it is available for sewing if I have the time. Because of the over abundance of snow in Spokane I might have to either fly across the state (plane, not broom) or take the train. The cost would be about the same but it might be easier to bring a sewing machine on the train. Something to think about.

I also picked up a brown for the quilt I will make with the packet of fabrics I got from my crafting friends for my birthday and a brown for the wedding quilt we are making along with 8 reds/oranges/pinks for that one. I am now working on getting all my new fabrics pre-washed so I can get started cutting so I am ready to sew!

Today I 'got' to take the boy into Tacoma for a haircut and met my niece Katie to give her the mail that has accumulated here at our house. I was telling her that I got my swap quilt and she said that she is in the swap too! I never knew and since I haven't been so good about checking out everyone's blogs this round, I didn't see her name on the list! She was sure she told me and I am sure she didn't and we just really haven't had a chance for a long chat for a long time! Rather funny, I think!


Karla said...

could you bring the snowflake one along - it looks like it was done using the technique I was trying to figure out from a magazine picture - it is cool!

Knitted Gems said...

I love all the fabrics you picked out for your next quilt. Your SIL is so lucky!

Quilting Pirate said...

It's so fun to see everyone's Winter Swap arrive at their new homes, especially when the makers have teased us with their goodies before sending them out :D I love this design!

Nan said...

What a beautiful quilt! Your swap person did such a nice job on it!
Ah, Fabric Depot! I haven't been there in a very long time, but it is an amazing store, isn't it? Love the fabrics you bought - your sil will love them!
How funny that your niece was in the swap and you didn't know it!