Friday, February 8, 2008

Beginning of the end

My baby got his driver's license yesterday and today he drove himself to school and then to an appointment in Tacoma. Yes, he drove across the Narrow's all by his little self! I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today he is driving, soon he will turn 18, graduate from high school and head off to college. I am starting to practice the happy dance! It shocks some people when I talk about finally having the kids out of the house and how great that will be but I have done my time and I am ready to love them all from a little further away and to move further into the Grammy phase. And maybe we will get a chance to do some traveling.

I have been busy cutting fabric for quilts. I am just going through all my fabrics and cutting a block or two worth of pieces to mix and match into several quilts besides the wedding quilt. Somehow it just doesn't seem like the bins are much emptier though! I am really looking forward to my trip across the state next week though I could do without so much snow. I think I will need to buy myself some boots before I head out so I have appropriate footwear for several feet of the white stuff!


Rebecca said...

I recommend muck boots.
They are warm and they stretch around large calves.

Su Bee said...

Here Here! Everyone warned me that I'd be bereft and sad and depressed and lonely when the kids left - well, it never happened. I still LOVE having the whole house for just Hunny and me, and you're right on - we deserve it, we did our time. You keep practicing that happy-dance.....and get ready for the Good Times!

ROZ said...

Isn't it great not to have to pick toys up from the living room floor anymore?

Shelli said...

oh TRUST me, Malka's jsut a wee over 2 years old, and some days? College cant' come FAST enough! ;)