Saturday, February 23, 2008

Border Redo

I know I showed you a picture of my SIL's quilt with all the borders on it but I just wasn't happy with them. They were somewhat ripply. So I took them all off again and started over. Today I got them all back on and now i am happy with them. I also got more of the backing fabric for the wedding quilt and got it pre-washed. I think it will be going to my sister with the back needing to be put together as it needs to be ready to go with my daughter at the end of this week and I need to spend tomorrow getting the sewing room ready for guests - probably both daughters and the grandson will be sleeping in here.

I am getting excited that both my girls will be home. We haven't all been together since last January! So things should be hopping around here this week!

Next project is going to be the my center block for the Spring Fling Round Robin. I am thinking paper piecing but I haven't really gotten started with the plan yet.

I took one of my two main sewing machines in for a cleaning this week. I picked it up today and will take the other one in after the girls leave again. I used the one I picked up for the borders and it was amazing! It was like using a brand new machine it was so quiet. I am so lucky to have good solid machines to use for my hobby. They take a licking and keep on sewing as long as you take them in for a cleaning every so often!

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