Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pictures tomorrow!

What a great week!

I left last Wednesday morning and drove straight through for 5 hours to my daughter's house. She and The Grandbaby were outside getting some fresh air. The smile on his face was worth the 5 hours and more! We had a good visit including his first ride through the grocery store in one of those 'car-carts'. He thought it was awesome and was very upset when he had to get out to go home!

Thursday morning I headed up to camp. The roads were fine until the road into camp and it wasn't bad for driving. Luckily it was clear outside the Sunset room where we would be sewing so unpacking was a breeze. I got started sewing at about 1. Thursday night there were just 6 of us and we got a lot done. I decided I would stay up until I got the blocks for my SIL's quilt done but then I laid them out and still wasn't sure about it so I was up until 1 AM finishing the setting triangles together. I was sure I wouldn't be able to sleep if I wasn't sure it was going to look good.

In the morning as I was finishing with dressing after my shower my sister arrived. While she was getting situated I got the quilt top together other than the borders. Then we got started on the wedding quilt. Karla did the 9-patch part and I added the triangles. We had the top together before we went to bed that night. It still needed borders which we got fabric for on the way home.

Saturday I finished the borders on the SIL quilt and then started on blocks like those in the wedding quilt for a scrap quilt for an auction in April. I got 56 blocks together on Sunday before we packed up to leave.

The food was awesome - not your average camp food! The company was fun.

Sunday I was back with the grandbaby and his parents. Oli made a beautiful steak and asparagus dinner for Chelsea and me (he is vegetarian). The little one enjoyed the steak also even though he choked on it (before we could do anything, he reached his hand in his mouth and pulled the steak back out and finished chewing!) He is a hoot!

My boys seemed happy to have me home and Lucy was ecstatic! Today it is business as usual! Tonight I will take pictures of all the quilt tops at Craft Night on Sally's design wall.

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