Friday, February 22, 2008

Four lovely miters!

I had hoped to have these borders finished yesterday but there was a delay because the husband needed my direction reading skills. Like most men, he is unable to read them himself and these didn't have words - only pictures! So today after all the running of errands that needed to be done I sat down and got started. I got all four borders on and then decided to plunge on in and miter those corners and it worked!

So now I need to measure the top and figure out how much more of the backing fabric I need to get and then get that pieced together or maybe I will leave that for my sister to do! I will buy the fabric at least and get it prewashed though. I am looking for opinions on whether the binding should be the red border/backing fabric or the brown border/9-patch fabric. In this picture you can see both options so let me know.

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Anonymous said...

red I think - the sister